Service to the diplomatic corps
Service to the diplomatic corps


 “SULTAN STS” company started its activity in 2016. Currently company shows its activity in three directions : “SERVICE” , “TRAVEL” and “STUDY”


✔   SERVICE – Our company offers its services in many areas: including organization of national and significant days appointments, banquets, presentations, guides and interpreters

✔   TRAVEL – considering the development of tourism sector in Azerbaijan it offers own services. We introduce traveling pakcets in from of VIP or group (pakcets) to the various directions of Azerbaijan.

✔   STUDY – it is launched professional guide school in our company. Professional guides are prepared in Arabic , Russian and English languages are available in this section. Besides we have the first conversation club for Arabic language in Azerbaijan. Lessons are taught with interactive methods by Arabian teachers.

 Our main goal is to serve to the development of tourism in Azerbaijan, to train the professional translators(interpreters) and guides who will representand propagate the culture, the costums and traditions and the history of Azerbaijan and to provide your satisfaction from our services in the various areas.



- Translator - Teacher

- Nanny - Housemaid (Chambermaid)

- Repairman - Driver

- Gardener - Cook

- Guide - Photographer

- House (Buy or Rent) - Car (Buy or Rent)

- Flowers - Invitation card

- Photo and video shooting - Gifts



- Official meetings - Conferences

- Birthdays - National days

- Banquets - Exhibition

- Events - Presentation

- Party



- Hotel - Restaurant

- Yacht - Places for official meetings

- Places for banquet

- Places for relaxing