Sultan STS
Sultan STS

"Sultan STS" company greets you. It’s a travel company we offerd you the best and various journey programmers with suitable prices.

We will be glad being in a co-operation with you! Because , resently Azerbaijan has been wise to a remarkable development in the tourism sector.
As the reason we can mention varied development and activities of country , amazing , warm weather and a harmony between estren customs and western progress . So , Azerbaijan had been turned to a goal for most tourists ( especially Arabic tourists) . That’s why we would be glad to co-operate with you and guarantee to amazing tours for visitors.
These guarantees are our services: various , travel programmers including meeting, guide, transport, capital city, religious temples, regions, villages, historical plases, hotels and so on.

And all of these take place with suitable prices. During the close time we hope a co-operation between companies.
Accept the greatest esteem of us .
Yours faithfully!
Elnur Ağayev - Əziz Ölkəm (حلو يا بلدي) (Canlı performans)
Ərəbşünas tələbələrin Ərəb xalq nağılı nümayişi
Elnur Ağayev - Şuşanın Dağları (Canlı performans)