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69 A. Ildyrym str., Shuvalan Park trade centre, Baku
Action World, the zone of game machines, has been functioning since2010 inShuvelan Park trading and entertaining centre. Children may play on (nearly 42 kinds of) game machines here produced in Dubai and Singapore. Some machines are constantly replaced b
67, Jabbar Garyagdy str., Baku
At the club «Aladdin and Jasmine» children spend time playing and learning. They are planned fun events: banquets, birthdays, holidays, etc. The club operates nursery, junior, middle and senior group with math and English disciplines. There is a choice, a
204, Dilara Aliyeva str., Baku
Real fun reigns in children's entertainment club «Baby Bom», including the play area and cafe. Like a jungle maze will be the centre of attraction of all the little visitors. Attraction with pneumatic guns - the latest development in the entertainment ind
68, Samad Vurgun str., Baku
A favorite of all times and all recognized circus - a meeting place for children and adults to the world of magic, where if you want, in two hours you can wonder, marvel and laugh, applauding the skill of the best artists, animal trainers, acrobats and ju
13 Orujov str., Baku
In Cosmo land entertaining centre you may spend your time with you family pleasantly and joyfully. Game halls, labyrinth, bungee, trampoline, toys, game machines are waiting for kids here. After playing as much as you want you may have a rest in the café.
131, Nizami str., Baku
Children’s Club «Crazy» - a team of professionals that will have the entire range of services in children's leisure, as well as the development and preparation of children for school. It is a paradise of family entertainment, fun performances, fabulous bi
214, Abdulla Shaig str., Baku
Welcome to the Family Club «Darling» - an ideal place for a family pastime. There is a wonderful children's area and an excellent restaurant combining a successful mix of national and international cuisine. The most favorite activity for children - it's a
69, A. Ildyrym, Shuvalan Park trade centre, Baku
Gym&Fun game room for children will contribute to the development of kids who may run, jump, do chin-ups and even ‘climb on rock’ here. All this is provided, no doubt, with no harm to kids’ health. Your kid may run in the labyrinth and again with no damag
9, Neftchiler ave., Baku, «Park Bulvar» Shopping Centre, the 3rd floor
«HappyLand» - a small country of fairy tales for children and their parents, where every visit is unusual and fascinating journey into the wonderful world of childhood. In the heart of the entertainment, the leisure was organized in such a way that the ch
95, Azadliq ave., Baku
Koala Park is a unique entertainment complex inAzerbaijan, which both the kids and adults feel well. Beautifully designed and safe rides are considered for all tastes: inflatable trampoline, slides, carousels, and a variety of swings. On the territory of
28, M.Gashgay str., Baku
Club «Limpopo» offers a fun and developing attractions: a maze with slides, tube, suspension bridge, obstacle course and a swimming pool with balls (for children up to 10 years). Trampoline, pool balls and soft slide, swing funny, funny train, a house des
94, Mirali Gashgay str., Baku
Children enthusiastically spend time on the rides and games labyrinth under the supervision of the professional educators and organizers. Kids room of the Club Melek has been equipped accordingly according to age group of children from 1 to 10 years. It o
74, Acad. Hasan Aliyev str., Baku
The children's entertainment centre “Tom & Jerry” offers your child many hours of exciting entertainment: he/she can play on a variety of slot machines or Zoom centre, have fun in the children's bowling or racetrack. There is a big monitor for fans of ani
Nobel street, 15, AZ 1025.
Entertainment center, founded in 2002, New Life Group of Companies. New Life is one of the leaders of the construction industry in terms of architecture and key fi yyət fi city is the most popular author of several complexes. Among them, the "New Life Res
AZ1000 Narimanov district, Baku, Tabriz street, 98,
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